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"Technology Transfer of our Processes are made by manufacturing all the necessary Products like Chemicals & Furnace Equipments under one roof. Surface Engineered Engineering Components are also included in the list of products which have high resistance to wear, friction, corrosion, fatigue, scuffing & Seizure."



HEF Durferrit India and EMEPL are manufacturing surface Engineered Steel Bushings with Surface Treatment and Surface coating to increase the longevity of these Bushings to 3 to 4 times as compared to Conventional Bushes.

These Specialty Bushes are marketed with their brand name as ‘PEL’ bushes (‘ PEL’ is the abbreviation of the word Pression Eleve, in French meaning High Pressure)

  • Frictional Wear
  • Corrosion
  • Scuffing
  • Seizure
  • Galling

In addition, due to low temperature of the Sursulf Process with Subsequent Quenching, Fatigue Strength of the Bush increases because of which these Bushes are capable of taking loads upto 1000 bar. Also the uniquely designed internal Grooves ensure the following:

  • Least Frictional Coefficient
  • Uniform Spread of Lubrication to the entire mating surface
  • Longer Lubrication Retentivity – ensures increased lubrication interval
  • Expelling the trapped dirt from the mating area.

Inner Diameter of the Bush is given coating with Solid Film Lubricant, called TRIBOMOL, a moly based Chemical. This Coating reduces the frictional Coefficient drastically increasing the Corrosion Resistance. Also this coating helps in giving proper running in characteristics for mating surfaces immediately after fitment.

These Bushes are used in arduous applications like articulation joints of Bach Hoe Loaders, Excavators , Agricultural Equipment like Tractors, Material Handling Equipment , Brake Gear Assembly of Railway Coaches etc.

In addition to PEL bushes, HEF-Durferrit India as well as EMEPL manufacture conventional Bushes also in steel like Case Hardened Bushes, Through Hardened Bushes , Rolled Bushes etc.

Other Bushes being manufactured by our Principals are:

  • PEL-BH
  • PEL-T
  • FAM
  • COD11
  • Polymer Based Bushings

Further details can be given on request.