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"Technology Transfer of our Processes are made by manufacturing all the necessary Products like Chemicals & Furnace Equipments under one roof. Surface Engineered Engineering Components are also included in the list of products which have high resistance to wear, friction, corrosion, fatigue, scuffing & Seizure."

H.E.F Furnace

Furnace Equipments

We manufacture, supply the furnace and ancillary equipments. We install & Commission them at Customers’ site. The Chemicals used in our Processes / Furnaces are corrosive in nature and to ensure longevity of the Furnace equipments, these equipments are manufactured with special furnace components and materials to withstand the corrosive nature of Chemicals.

State of the art is followed in Furnace designs: Ceramic fibre insulation is used whose thermal content is the least because of which the furnace temperature attains the process temperature very quickly . This ensures more furnace available time. PID temperature Controller and Thyristor Power Control are provided as optional features. Two temperature sensors are provided as standard - one to control the Process and the second one as over temperature safety.

The Pit Type Salt Bath furnace ensures Uniform Temperature to the entire volume of the molten salt which helps in getting consistent quality of the process irrespective of the position of the component in the molten salt bath.

The use of Cascade Washing System reduces the water consumption drastically.

As mentioned above, in addition to Salt Bath Furnaces, we can manufacture, supply, install & commission the entire Process line with additional equipments such as Pre Heating Furnace, Degreasing Tank, Cascade Wasing / Cleaning system etc.

We can provide Data Logging System also for our Furnace line from which the Customer can get and store Process History.