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"Technology Transfer of our Processes are made by manufacturing all the necessary Products like Chemicals & Furnace Equipments under one roof. Surface Engineered Engineering Components are also included in the list of products which have high resistance to wear, friction, corrosion, fatigue, scuffing & Seizure."

H.E.F Chemicals

Durferrit Asea Private Ltd manufactures following specialty Chemicals that are used for our own Processes like Sursulf®, ARCOR®, Tuftride®, Melonite® , Tenifer®, QPQ® & OPO®:

Nitriding Salts (Sursulf/ Tuftride/ Melonite)

  • Base Salt : CR4, CR8 & TF1
  • Regenerator Salt : CR2, CR9 & REG 1

Oxidising Salt

  • OX 1-2
  • OX-E

Other Heat Treatment Salts

Coating Chemicals like Tribomol (Solid film Lubricant)