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About Us

"With the acquisitions of Durferrit, Germany, Kolene, USA, and Clerc & Cardon France , HEF had confirmed their leadership that has made it a key player in its field of excellence"


HEF was started in France during early ‘50s as a Research organization in the field of Tribology (Science of Friction & Related topics) and over the years it has patented and brought to the world many processes, Products & Technologies to improve the Physical & Metallurgical properties of materials.

Above innovations were later introduced in the Industry by Technology Transfer for commercialization.

Today, HEF operates in more than 22 countries throughout Europe, Asia and America.

During 2002, HEF has strengthened its competencies, notably through the acquisition of companies such as DURFERRIT, Germany, CLERC & CARDONE , France and KOLENE , USA. With these acquisitions, HEF had confirmed their leadership that has made it a key player in its field of excellence, namely Surface Engineering.

Within this sphere of competencies, the HEF-Durferrit group is able to cater for all your Surface Engineering Needs : Research & Development, advice & Technical Support, Processing, Technology Transfer, Manufacture of Furnace & other related Equipment , Surface Engineered Precision components.

The powerful International Network enables us to offer you the same service and the same attention whether you are in Europe, Asia or in the American Continent.

Group Profile: Annual Sales : Over € 202 million

Global Staff : 2200

Investment in R&D : 10% of Sales

Head Quarters : Andrezieux , France